Room Request affected by arrival time?

First let me say that this is the first time in several trips that my room request was not even close to being filled. Also, I will add that I actually didn’t mind the room location, it was near the buses (although on the 4th floor). My request for Pop Century was for 4161. A standard room on the backside of the buildings near the pool, but would get us close to the Skyliner station. We got 0430, 4th floor of building 10. Again, I am not complaining about the room, but my question is more about how my arrival time may have affected being granted something closer to my request.

In the past, I have typically had flights that arrived pretty early in the day. This trip we did not arrive on property until around 9pm. Does this have any impact on where we were placed? Just interested for future reference.

Yup it can definitely play into it. If you arrive earlier you can always ask to wait for what you really want if you don’t mind waiting. If you’re arriving later… you probably get whatever is left over.


That’s interesting, and understandable. Flying in, we’ve never landed before 7:30 at night and we usually book it to the hotel, slam the bags down and book it to MK.

This gives me pause for my next trip. Maybe it’ll be better to stay offsite when we land and go over first thing in the AM.

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I 100% believe that later arrivals get affected by people complaining earlier in the day.

The one time I got the opposite of what I requested was when I arrived at POFQ after midnight. Because I was on DME they had my flight times, so there was no possibility of them texting me my room number early. Because I knew I was arriving so late, I requested one of the closer buildings and stressed that as close as possible to the lobby was my highest request because I was arriving so late and traveling solo. I was literally given the furthest possible room from the lobby - it was the closest room to POR. I fail to buy that every other closer room was taken without someone who was given that room complaining and being given whatever had been assigned to me.

The minor plus was that it was an upgrade from either Standard or Garden (i forget which I had booked) to River View. But I was not thrilled at around 1am to have to walk through an unfamiliar resort in the dark (and their “atmosphere” lights are not the brightest).


I am arriving at POP in 2 weeks and funny thing- I requested the same room. Never been to DW before but just from looking at the map, it seems like a good room close to the skyliner. But I have a preferred room and I think 4161 is a preferred room, not standard, maybe that has something to do with it.

You are right, 4161 is Preferred. I actually had 4160 around the corner. 4161 is my request for the next trip for the 50th Anniversary. good catch. I must have been mixing up the two. Uh Oh, are we going to be competing for the same room?

Just kidding, I am more than a couple weeks out, unless you are being very generous with your “couple”.

And, to everyone else. I was kind of assuming that this was likely the case. I guess I was just looking for confirmation that a later arrival probably had an impact. The trip down for the 50th, I will be arriving on property after 7pm by the way. But, when you can get a flight for $56, you take it.


We arrived around noon one trip and headed to MK. No room available at that time. Returned after 11 pm and had not received room # text. Ended up with a big upgrade. LAte isn’t always bad!


But they knew you were on property and had no room available for many hours so that probably factored in to the upgrade vs the leftovers


LOL really. ill see if they can roll a cot in we can split it ha ha

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Our Jan 2020 room, as our DME is pulling in, I get the text our #1 room choice at BC is ready. We go straight to the room to drop our carryons. Immediately after we walked in, I get another text our room isn’t ready yet.

A few minutes later, another family walks into the room. They had just been assigned our room after rejecting their YC room! DH and the other family’s dad go down to the desk and got the other family a new assignment. (We invited the other family to hang out on our balcony until they got back.)

We definitely would have lost that room choice if we hadn’t gotten there when we did.


OMG that is NOT COOL!! So glad it worked out for you!!! But not the way to start the vacation!!

Even more reason for me to pop by the desk when I get there on Monday morning, text or no text. I was going to anyway to get my birthday button AND to have them make sure the MBs I plan to use are linked. But I’ll also double check where my room is to be generally even if it’s not ready yet.


I have a question.

For those suggesting that Disney “know” your flight arrival,time due to DME, do they actually know? DME is a separate entity and if you contact DME direct do they really pass flight info onto Disney who note it on your reservation? If you book it via Disney, then I could see they might have a note of it.

I know it won’t be an issue soon, but if you did online check-in and said your arrival time was 9am, but your flight arrival time was 5pm, which would Disney use?

You do provide flight information so there’s that. They can use that as a general guide for assigning your room to begin with.

Plus you tap in on arrival at DME so yes they absolutely know you’re on your way.


For the initial assignment, not sure. You aren’t guaranteed a room til 3pm (or 4pm for DVC) so it might not be that important.

But once you tap in to DME they would use that :wink:

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As soon as my TA gives DME my flight info, the arrival time in online check-in goes to “Disney’s Magical Express Transportation” and overrides whatever I had put in. So yes, the systems DO talk to each other.


But that was my point. If you book with DME direct, I’m questioning how much info DME provide Disney with. I don’t even know if they let Disney know you booked. Thinking to last time, I never saw anything on my MDE account or reservation that said we had DME booked.

And since then I booked DME for a couple of my renters and again saw nothing on the DVC reservation about it.

I know you provide DME with your reservation number but whether they actually update anything I don’t know, it may just be they have access to check the reservation number exists.

Now this is interesting. We’ve never tapped in, although obviously we check in . Again I have no idea if this is recorded somewhere on the Disney system.

I guess I just don’t know how closely Disney and DME systems are. I assumed they were completely separate.

I do know some people get texts first thing in the morning before they even board a flight.

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Interesting, I’ve never seen that. I’ve done on-line check in and not seen anything about DME on there…. But then I’m not certain of the relative timing between doing online check-in and me booking DME. :thinking:

Does DME show anywhere else for you, if you just look at the reservation?

Yep. On the final itinerary for my trip email from Disney. They definitely have the information.

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