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We are fortunate to be staying at the Grand Floridian this December with a Lagoon View room. Has anyone stayed there before and if so is there a specific building and/or room we just fax our request in for? Any advice is appreciated.

Here’s a thread with my response based on my experience picking a Lagoon View at GF last year:

In general, figure out what matters to you location wise - is view paramount? Close to transportation or food? We loved Boca Chica for the great view and felt it was reasonably close to everything else we cared about. I would spend some time with the Touring Plans Room Finder to get a feel for the relative Lagoon Views from each of the buildings and go from there. GF is wonderful - you’ll have a great time…

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Thank you so much. That thread was helpful. I was thinking Boca Chica. If it possible to get a little MK view with a lagoon view rate I am sure gonna try for it ha.

Worked for us - definitely worth trying for it as it’s remarkably cool to be sitting in your room listening to the parade in the distance or watching Wishes. Even though it’s a long way away, it’s still great…

Thank you so much for the recommendation. We requested and GOT room 8327 and the view was amazing!!! Watched the light parade twice and fireworks 3 times from the balcony. Would have never known about that room without you.

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Thanks for the feedback. So glad I was able to help out and you had a great time…

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