Room Request-3 Rooms together

We are traveling with an extended family group in November and have 3 Royal rooms reserved at POR. What’s the best way to request that we’re near each other? We don’t need (or really want) to be connecting but it would be nice to be close. Thanks!

I woukd use the Touring Plans room fax tool and add a note with that request:

You can edit and add anything you want.

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To add to @PrincipalTinker’s reply, make sure to add all three reservation numbers to each request.


I’d suggest having your preference for rooms near each other noted on your reservation, just in case. Then I’d also do a room request.

Check in on the early side if possible. If you check in late, then there may not be many rooms available if they don’t put you near each other and you want them to try and move you around.

(The room request is a good thing to do, but they don’t always seem to pay attention to it. For our last trip, we traveled with MIL. I did a room request fax and clearly stated that our top priority was to get rooms near each other. They put us in Magnolia Bend and my MIL in AB. In the end they were able to get us both into Magnolia, but the rooms were still a bit of a walk away from each other.)