Room Req DVC rental?

Hello! My touringplans account is offering to send a room req to the resort. i rented DVC points from somebody (the ressie is under my name) for a value studio. I know value studios have savannah, parking lot and pool views. Should I bother to send a req for a dvc ressie? Just making sure it is appropriate. I know they tend to only deal with the dvc owner. Thanks!

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Yes. Definitely do a room request. We rented points in 2015 at BLT and did the room request. We got our first request and loved it!

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We recently did a room request for a stay at Beach Club Villas (we also rented points). Our room did not meet any of the criteria I requested. I was hoping for highest floor and non-connecting as priority. We got 3rd floor and it was connected to another unit. It was fine though, the room was great and the view was over the pool. We had no noise issues through the connecting door or with people above us. I would still make a request, just know that they might not look at it in the DVC rooms. We also had a request for 4 nights at CBR during the same trip, and pretty much got exactly what we requested, so I know it does work.


well ive been told from another forum that you cant req a view in a value studio at akv. I dont think it will hurt us to fax it? I dont want to be annoying. Well see !