Room recommendation for Kidani 2 bedroom villa standard view

Hi all,

This will be our first time staying at Kidani. We’ve booked a standard view 2 bedroom villa. I looked on the room finder and there seem to be some standard rooms with a partial views of the savanna in the North Trail. A partial savanna would be delightful. Does anyone have experience staying here and a recommendation for such a room?

When are you going?
We’re looking for exactly the same thing - 2bedroom, partial savanna view.
I’m planning to request something like room 7735.

We’ll be there 10/18 to 10/23. If you’re traveling after that, I’ll let you know what we got, and how it was.

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@emcglone we’re there the week before you. I used the Touring Plans room finder to look at pictures (I’m sure that you did too) and it looks like there are a handful of rooms in the North Trail. I was hoping that someone in the forum had first hand knowledge.

FYI -I saw a comment on room 7761 that said you can see Wishes and Illuminations from the balcony.

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Same category booked for Jan 23-31, Ive been over and over on the room finder, still trying to decide, please come back and let us know how your room was. I am hoping for a room closer to transportation and lobby… A partial view would be nice if it can be, but I won’t hold my breath on that one. My mother will be using anECV so closer to transportation is better for us.


We just returned from Kidani. We requested 7761 and received 7853. The room had a partial view of the Pembe savanna and if you stood at the balcony and looked left you could see a portion of the Sunset savanna. There is a service road that runs alongside the view and a wooded area behind that. All of the animals in Pembe came in and out of sight regularly. Some zebras and an ostrich or two were usually visible in Sunset. The walk to the room was very long but worth it IMO.

This info comes too late for @emcglone but I’d love to hear about your room. @Meandnevaeh, I couldn’t find any partial view rooms close to the buses and I will repeat that the walk to our room was long.


We just got back. We’d requested 7735, hoping for something North Trail, with a partial view. We received 7333, which was nothing like what we requested. It was South Trail, a LONG walk from anything (except, maybe the bus), and didn’t have any view.
I was really pretty disappointed. As I look at the map, now, it was the furthest 2-bedroom away from the lobby. I wonder if we would’ve had better luck asking for a 2-bedroom lock-off instead of a dedicated 2-bedroom.

Oh well, hope the rest of you have/had better luck! We enjoyed our trip anyway. :slight_smile:

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