Room ready early?

I’ve noticed in quite a few trip reports that a room can become available pretty early in the day. Is it reasonable to plan for a room to be ready by 1 or 2 PM during a CL 5-6 kind of week?

I can tell you that the last 2 times we have visited, I received a text around 10 a.m. letting me know our room was ready. That was during May and we stayed at the Contemporary.

Completely anecdotal but our room was ready 1230ish the day after Christmas. Also the Contemporary. We had indicated a noon arrival time and they were also accommodating three adjoining rooms for us. The latest of the 3 rooms was ready maybe 2ish?

I think it is the luck of the draw. I’ve heard some having to wait past the 3:00 pm check-in. It is so dependent on when someone leaves and when they can have the room readied.

Both stays last week had my room ready very early, but we had requested accessible rooms with a tub which are few and far between.

I think there are several factors that impact when the room is ready including CL.

How specific room request is
What time you are arriving
Day of week of arrival

I would think it’s reasonable for it to be ready at those times but if that is your priority I would state that in room request.


I have had rooms ready at 9:00am and others at 6:00pm.

This. If you want the best chance of having a room ready early, when you do online check-in, make no requests and check the box that says early arrival is more important. And state that on your TP fax.


In November 2017 we stayed at Coronado. We had an early flight from Philadelphia and I picked up my luggage. We were at the resort around 8:30 am. I went to check our bags in Bell services and asked if they knew which room we were getting. The CM looked us up and said our room was ready.