Room rates for BLT

Why would a 1 BR Lakeview Villa be $100 cheaper in June during “Regular” season than it is from 2/28 - 3/4 during “Value” season?

I just did a sample for 4 nights in June vs. the 4 nights you specified and came up with 178 points for 1br lakeview for both sets of dates. Do you have a specific set of dates in June?

would you be renting points or paying cash?

DVC seasons differ from the general WDW seasons.

The end of Feb, beginning of March falls into the Magic season, which is the same as the last half of June. The beginning of June is in the Dream season which is a couple of points lower per night across the board.

The lower points “cost” seasons of course tend to be tougher to get.

Are you looking to book through Disney? Is there a discount available for the cheaper date and not one available yet for the other date?

I was looking at the WDW website. The room is now gone for 2/28-3/4. It just briefly popped up today, and after a second look, the difference was more like $50/night. I guess like Nickysyme said, since it is a DVC property, the “seasons” are a little different than WDW seasons. That must be the reason. (We never have our plans together early enough to get BLT by renting points. You have to make that request over a year in advance, right?)

To get the really hard to get rooms, like standard view at BLT, value rooms at AKL, or any Epcot resort from October to December, then yes, best to have your broker or private renter ready for the 11 month mark.

But if you’re able to be a bit more flexible and go for a slightly more expensive view, then you’d be OK up to 7 months ahead. At 7 months points can be used anywhere but availability is patchier.

Unless you want the tranquility of OKW or Saratoga, then you should be fine even a few months out. Except for Oct to Dec again.

If you were looking at the wdw site then you are booking it as a room and DVC rates do not apply. I believe you were looking at rates associated with this deal?

No, I don’t think BLT is a part of that deal. Not sure if you will be able to see this, but I changed our arrival date to 2/27/18 and the room popped back up. (Our true arrival date is 2/28/18). Departure 3/4/18. BLT 1BR Lake View is $834. Same room for 6/13 - 6/23 is $782. Doesn’t seem to make sense with the WDW seasons. Could it be length of stay? Or does it have to do with DVC seasons like Nickysyme said?

DVC seasons apply when you rent points but I have never seen them apply to a room booking through wdw travel? I have found that regular room rates are always cheaper in February than later in the year.

Have you tried to rent points? Do you want me to look and see if there are any DVC available ( one bedrooms)?

Edited to add- there are no 1 bedrooms available for points during your dates . Saratoga has a couple of nights.

I doubt this had to do with DVC seasons if you were booking direct with Disney.

I thought you had maybe got a quote from one of the rental brokers.

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Thank you so much for checking. We are booked in a Polynesian Deluxe Standard Studio Villa for our March stay which I’m sure will be fine. We are taking a short trip for my daughter’s sixteenth birthday, then we are taking a longer trip in June. I am just nervous because we have been staying at BLT for our past 3 vacations, and it works out well with the extra little bathroom. I get up 3-4 hours earlier than everyone else when we are at WDW and the 1 BR with a kitchen works out well because then I don’t have to disturb the kids (teens). We want to be on the monorail, or I would have tried the Copper Creek 1 BR villas. (Just over-worrying that the Poly is going to be moldy and musty!) If you see a BLT 1 BR Lake View available (for DVC rental) for 6/13-6/23, please let me know! Thank you both for your help!

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Only partial for BLT. There is full availabilty for Boulder (WL) and BW.