Room-only reservation - can you add the dining plan?

For our December trip, we booked a room at YC using a room-only discount. As the dates get closer, we are thinking of adding on the dining plan. Can we do that? Or will that cause us to lose our % off applied earlier? I seem to be reading conflicting information about this. Thanks for any help!

From what I was told, you can add DDP after a reservation has been made. I also got the room discount so I had to pay for the DDP. The lady I spoke to ran the price for free DDP and a full price room (since you can only get one of the discounts) and it priced out to within $3 of each other. I would call and do it as soon as possible. There may be a cut off date.

Thanks. I know I can’t stack discounts, but didn’t know if making it a “package” would eliminate my first discount. Sounds like it’s worth a call at least.

It’s worth a call and it should be possible. It’s adding “free dining” with a discount that isn’t possible. Good luck!

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Adding a dining plan will not modify any discounts already applied. If you don’t have an annual pass, you cannot add dining to a room-only package, it must be part of a room+ticket+dining package. I believe annual pass holders and DVC point stays may add dining without buying tickets; the former still have to have a “package”, which changes the payment rules and dates.

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I thought those rules changed last year? I think it does change to a package, but adding the dining plan- that rule?

Possibly they’ve changed, but if so, I hadn’t heard about it.

Maybe @DarthDopey can clarify. I think it was Pitate Girl that said it was no lkngervtrue, but my daily saying these days is I trust @darth’s info.

For the general public, Dining can only be added to a package (that’s resort + tickets), not a Room Only reservation.

However, AP holders can add dining without losing their discount.

Thanks @DarthDopey! So you cannot add it without tickets regardless of what others have posted? Thanks!

I was looking all around my stuff and could not find where it could be added for the general public. I can only still find documentation for Annual Passholders. If I find something different, I’ll let you know. I have to make a few calls later, I’ll probably just add it to my list and ask (depending on which CM I get).

Lol, sorry- I promise to not bother you for a couple of days!

nah. you’re no bother. you know I like to be helpful. I just also like to be sure of what I’m posting.

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So…if I booked with the room only discount - can I add tickets and dining without losing my initial % off? I’m willing to do that as long as I don’t lose my original money saved. Sorry - hope that all makes sense. I feel like I’m confusing myself - and you think I’d at least know what I was thinking! :slight_smile:

Usually they will work with you if they will make money out of it, so call! It would turn your RO to a package. That means they will cancel your other reservation, refund your one night deposit and you need yo make at least the $200 down payment. Package rules would then apply.

I am deactivating this thread in response to posts on chat today. This was a series of posts:

I don’t think you need park tickets anymore. I thought they did away with that.
5:33pm by OsierFamily3
Osier is correct you do NOT need tickets to buy DDP with on-site stay been that way sa long time now
6:36pm by pirategirl007
Only ticket minimum is for free dining, right?
6:46pm by irenek

So, back to the original question. I could not find it on the Disney site but can you add DO to a RO reservation?

From what I was able to find, not for general public. only for AP holders.

I have not been able to find anything on the Disney Travel Agent site that did not include language about tickets when including a Dining Plan.

And if I try to quote anything with the dining plan, it includes tickets.

I couldn’t find anything either! Thanks!

I know this is an old thread but I thought I would add here that they were going to allow us to add a DDP to our RO reservation in April. And, we wouldn’t lose our RO discount. We ultimately decided not to do it, but I had 2 CMs confirm that it was possible.

Yes, I added to my split stay in April. We tracked down the info on chat. It is great when everyone searches through all the files and hunts down the answers (thanks @DarthDopey). You can add the DP to any RO reservation. It will change the terms of your reservation since it becomes a package.