Room Only Discounts

Do yall know a website that I can subscribe to that will alert me of room only discounts soon as they are available? Or if anyone already has the dates, please share :slight_smile: I’m stayin in late Jan/early Feb. I wasn’t able to snag a DVC this time, so now I’m trying to find a discount some other way.

Do you have a trip planned on your Touring Plans dashboard? They will alert you if you have one set.

Also, did you check MVT against your dates? Do their specials miss your dates?

Thanks for including that link…I had contacted the agency awhile ago & hadn’t heard back, but looks like there may be a discount available now from a MVT.

You should email an agent directly!

I think the savings you find with MVT will be better than even the room only discounts through Disney. But if you are interested in seeing when they usually are offered then you can look it up on WDW prep There is a spreadsheet there that lists all past offer dates.

Do you have a recommendation?

I have worked with both Candice and Brandi. Brandi is a liner. She is on vacation this week. If you can wait I would highly recommend her. Candice is also very good and responds quickly. Candice has some great resources she shares with her clients.

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Agree with Brandi - she’s been wonderful to work with for us.

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Thanks for the links. I have a trip planned on my dashboard, hoping to get notified. When I contacted MVT they said AKL is not part of the deals, and I feel like we are mostly going in order to experience that resort lol.

Did you see the new ticket pricing?

I was just about to purchase some tickets from boardwalk, makes me wonder if Disney will have cheaper ones since I’m going during non peak days.

Usually the discounted sellers will have a small supply left when these things roll out but you may be taking a chance?

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Do you think it’s safe to wait until Brandi gets back in town? I filled out the online form and got notified, basically it says to hurry because it could sell out. Any recommendations? I was contacted by Sue & Holly.

I talked to Brandi last week . Yes, it is safe to wait. Labor Day sales go fast but not hours/days. None of the other dates will be gone in a few weeks.

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