Room only cancellation

We arrive next Saturday (5/29) for a room-only reservation at AoA. What is the latest possible time we can cancel? I know it says 5 days, so I can cancel on Monday (5/24)?

Also, I’m seeing conflicting information. Is there a $400 fee, a $200 fee, or no fee? I thought it was no fee, but confused now from what I’m reading.

No fee if you cancel 5 days in advance. Fees begin to hit once you’re in the 5 day window. For a Sat 5/29 arrival you need to cancel by 5/24 to avoid any such fees

So by end of day on the 24th?

Yes, but me personally I wouldn’t wait til the last minute like that. That always makes me nervous.

I hope things are not shifting with your trip… :pray: :crossed_fingers:

Sick kid, getting a covid test but may not get results till Monday


Be well, kiddo. For all kinds of reasons.


Oh no!! I’m so sorry. We’ve always gotten tests back much faster than they tell us. Hopefully you will know soon.

Can you bump and run a hotel reservation??

You might also check to see if the child qualifies for a rapid test. For us to be able to run a rapid here, they have to be symptomatic (which it sounds like they are) and there are limits based on when symptoms first appeared. But rapid tests are widely available here so hopefully they are there too.

Yes but are a little hesitant with the rapid test because we got a false positive back in January which screwed us because our kids had to quarantine even after the PCR test came back negative.

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BUT we are seeing family this weekend that we havent seen in 15 months, so we’re probably going to do the rapid test to be safe


What I would say is that if you have to cancel and you can’t do so in time then I would call and explain. They might waive any fee under the circumstances, in fact I would hope they would.

I know they changed their cancellation policy back recently, but you are taking the responsible actions and they should be grateful that you got him/her tested in the first place.


We had this situation in a couple years back. Something ran through our house the week before the trip and I called 2 days ahead of arrival saying “not sure we can make the drive to get there if this doesn’t fix itself overnight” and the answer was “call back when you know for sure; if you reschedule to a later date there won’t be a fee”.


Checking in on the @JordanRunner fam. Have been thinking of you constantly and sending no-Covid vibes and prayers.

Update us when you can?



So sorry. Visiting family in rural area. Haven’t seen them in 15 months. Got the PCR results this morning. We are go for Disney! For now at least… Still one more school week to survive



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Great news!!!