Room name confusion @ Beach Club


I have booked a water view room at the Beach Club Resort tat has two queen beds and one sleeper sofa.

I was looking up touring plans at their room map and when i go to select the room type, it doesnt have a water view selection. What would be the select to choose from in the touring plan’s menu that equals to the room type booked at the Beach Club.
It is a non club room.
Im hoping the screen shot of the menu is attached to my post for you to see the selection available.

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I believe Len said Disney recently changed their room categories for all WDW resorts. I imagine it will take some time for them to update their system with the new categories.

@len is that what’s going on here or is it something else?

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aarhh okay, thank you. So in the mean time, would you suggest an approximate to get a rough idea or not bother until they can update the selection?

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I might select pool/lake 2 queens??


I’m not super familiar with the room categories since I usually stay in the DVC villas section. But what I would do for now is put in a placeholder reservation request that you can always change up until 30 days before your trip when they send the email.

Pick whatever room you think is most likely to be in your category, but then go to the reservation request in your Dashboard and edit it. Overwrite the specific room number, etc. and instead give attributes of the room you want, i.e., lower floor / upper floor, which direction it’s facing, close to lobby vs. close to pool, etc. and put them in order of priority.

If Len pipes in on this conversation maybe he can give you a better sense for what’s going on.

My guess is that one— because water view could be of a pool not necessarily if the lake.


Yeah, we’re working our way through the new Deluxe resort categories. I’ve had to divert to Art of Animation and Caribbean beach first, though.

@Corbett5 - It looks like the “Pool/Lake” view w/2 Queen Beds is going to be your category on the site for now. These are the rooms that meet those criteria:

1503 1505 1507 1515 1517 1519 1523 1525 1541 1543 1545 1547 1549 1551 1553 1555 1559 1561 1563

1641 1643 1645 1521

2503 2505 2507 2515 2517 2519 2521 2523 2525 2541 2543 2545 2547 2549 2551 2553 2559 2561 2563

2607 2609 2611 2615 2617 2619 2621 2623

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with for this request. Thanks for using the site!



Thank you so much :),
You wouldn’t happen to know which room number have the 5th sleeper sofa by chance?,

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Ah, no. I’ll ask Disney for an updated list now.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi Len,
Was Disney able to give you an idea of what water view rooms have the sleeper (5th bed)?

thanks :slight_smile:

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Not yet. Sometimes they take a while. I’ll ping them again today.

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