Room Gifts / Decorations

So we are thinking of surprising friends with something. I was surprised - the prices weren’t SUPER CRAZY. Any suggestions - going at Christmas - how are the fruit plates and the room decorations

I think you mean the decorations you can request through DCL to have in the room when they arrive? I got the birthday decorations a couple years ago and they were nice, though a bit expensive for what they are. The decorations can be brought home and reused though. The birthday decorations included a card, a paper banner across the bed, a Happy Birthday banner hanging from the ceiling and a large door magnet.

Here are some photos:

thank you!! It seems like the holiday ones have a bit more - several streamers, a small felt tree, a few stockings etc. Yes certainly a premium - but trying to think of something that everyone would enjoy. We get wine - none for the kiddies, we get cookies - the parents don’t eat treats (CAN YOU BELIEVE!!!) But thank you for posting - I will look a bit closer at the details THANK YOU!

Has anyone done any of the food items? I am staying away from the wines as they are VERY VERY expensive for what they are - ironically the only somewhat appropriately priced item is the dom Perignon (which is out of my range). How are the fruit / cheese trays / cookies etc?