Room for 5

Helping a friend plan her vacation for next Dec. There will be 2 children and possibly 3 adults (her mom might come). She would like to keep it reasonable. I know there are few choices for a family of 5. What Disney World resorts offer connecting rooms? And could anyone tell me if they found it to be cheaper doing connecting rooms. Children are 10 and 12. I also thought it would be easier if she made a reservation for connecting rooms. That way if her mom decided last minute not to go she could just drop the extra room, making it cheaper instead of keeping a larger family suite.

Any suggestions would be great and helpful. I am clueless when it comes to families of 5.

With the kids that age, the murphy beds in the POR rooms are really meant for smaller kids. I have a client that books two rooms at pop (same age kids). Adults in one room, kids in another. Calling it in is best because it can be done on the same reservation number that way too. I can also make sure that it’s noted as connecting rooms that way. and yes, the options for 5 are pretty limited.

the AOA suites worked REALLY well for some other people too.

Thank you I didnt realize POP had connecting rooms. Can you book two rooms with a discount?

yes you can. I do it all the time.

ETA: have them book one adult in one room with a child and the other adults in another room with a child. then you avoid the extra adult fee on the room.

We’ve done aoa suites and 2 connecting rooms at pop with grandma. Both worked well, pop was actually cheaper.

Thank you. I might aim her towards pop.

Good tip!

You’re welcome.

With the refurb at CBR, there is now a pull-down Murphy bed (like at POR) in some rooms. Haven’t stayed there yet, but it is an option for 5 if you have a small child who would be okay sleeping on the pull-down. It is also eligible for the Spring room discount going on.