Room Finder Issues

Hello. We’re staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in mid-January and have a standard view room. I’ve been trying to use the Room Finder to help with making a room request by phone to Disney prior to our visit.

Thus far, I haven’t been able to get it to work. I choose certain selections from the drop-down menus, but no room numbers ever appear. I’ve tried it in both Chrome and IE and haven’t had luck with either.

I expect that I’m not the first person to have issues, and it may be operator error. Is there a trick to getting room suggestions?

Okay, I believe that I figured out how to make the results appear. However, I’m still seeing no Standard Rooms when I click on Touring Plans Picks. Are there no Standard Rooms that are recommended?

I’d request Kudu Trail.

Don’t select the Touring Plans Picks button. Leave it unchecked. I don’t know what they base their picks on, but it won’t show you all rooms that match your criteria if you select it

I was thinking of requesting 3rd Floor SW in Kudu. It looks like it’s close to the lobby and the Bus Transportation. Do you believe that’s accurate?

Look at 3218 or around there if you want lobby floor and have a standard room. Also, why are you calling? Have touring plans send the fax!

Thanks! I actually requested 3218 and that area through the fax system at TP yesterday. I just discovered that service and am definitely going to use it!

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I just upgraded our Halloween 2016 trip to AKL from POFQ and now I am cramming in as much knowledge as I can. I was looking at a room request right down the hall from where you made yours. Did you get in that area? If so, how was the view? Any tips on what room I should be looking at.
Thanks in advance.

Did you look at the room view on the TP site? I think that view and 4238 are both from me! You cannot go wrong requesting that area (I think the rooms 4218 or around there are better than the 4238 but you cannot complain) .There were six zebras running around in my view and giraffe laying in the grass at night and walking around during the day- in a standard view room!

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We may not have picks for every scenario. Let us know what you find, please.

I was on checking them out, and those pics led me to thinking that was where I wanted to request. So, Thank You Very Much. It will be our first stay at AKL, or any deluxe, so I am getting really pumped. Hope it will live up to my expectations and I will be sure to get some room pics for Len from wherever I end up.

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You will love it! I had a first timer with me last month. We stayed a couple of nights in a standard view AKL room and then moved to Poly CL. We talked a lot about the differences and the advantages of each. I think we decided that all in all the standard room at AKL was just so special. The whole resort is amazing. I walk into that lobby and you know it right away! Enjoy!

We have visited before, making our Christmas tree rounds one year. Just never stayed. But you’re right, ever since we walked into that lobby, we have wanted to stay there.

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