Room finder for Disneys Aulani resort?

We are considering a trip to Aulani next April. Any chance there is a room finder for the Aulani resort? If we go, hoping for a ground floor room, so just trying to get an idea of the room categories on the ground floor. Thank you!

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I’m pretty sure Touring Plans doesn’t have anything, and I’d be curious to see if anyone else has information. Here’s a map I found online.

You probably won’t be able to see the ocean from the ground floor, just FYI. If you don’t want pool noise, your best bet might be on the left outside wing (red with a “?” on my markup). We were once in an upper floor room on the right outside wing (the red “X” below) and while we could see the ocean, which was beautiful, the views on the ground were not pretty (buildings, parking lots, utility equipment, etc.).

The safest pick would be anything in the blue “U” facing the pool. I don’t think there are ground floor rooms in all areas here though, due to the restaurants, lobby, etc.

This I definitely don’t know. Sorry!

This might help too


Wow. Super helpful. Thanks!

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