Room Finder and request function for DVC Poly rooms

Maybe I am missing something, but I can not see room types for DVC accommodations on the room finder.
There are some comments indicating there is an “update” going on. Can you tell me the status of that or what I am doing wrong?

Here you go:

You have to select the Deluxe Villa room category on the first page of the room finder for DVC rooms


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I was going straight to the type of room page.
However, when you go to the “Search hotel” section first you do see that option. The DVC villas show will show up ( pago pago etc… ) Doh!!!
Thanks so much!

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You’re welcome!

FWIW My favorite building is Moorea - very close to TTC for Epcot monorail and not far from Great Ceremonial House either. Do be aware that the ferry horns start early and continue late into the evening so if that’s a concern do not choose lake view :wink:

I enjoyed the standard view in that building quite well.

On a a previous trip we had tried to get Tokelau but ended up on the 3rd floor at Pago Pago. It turned out to be pretty nice. Quiet and close to TTC. I guess when you are at Poly there are really no “Bad” rooms. ( OK parking lot view would be ugly :slight_smile: May be better just to go straight for Moorea based on your recommendation!
Thanks again!

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