Room Discounts

If they offer free dining vs room discount, we are going to take the room discount. So my question is…is the room discount just like FD so **

long as you check in during the time frame your room is discounted the ENTIRE time

**? Or does the discount stop when the promotion stops UNLIKE FD

Room only stops when the promotion stops. It does not carry over like free dining.

Jumping on the bandwagon:

If I book for a Saturday, and a RO discount comes available for the next day, will I still be able to get the discount without going through the split stay hoops?

@larrielaine yes they will apply it to the days that fall within the promotion.

Also for fall keep in mind they normally release FD in late April or early May but then wait to release the RO discounts until much later in the summer. If you get the chance you might book FD if it fits your schedule and then later change to RO once you can compare the two.

Just to be clear, I would pay the full room price for the Saturday and then get the discounted rate for the rest of my stay Sunday-Friday without worry or too much hassle? We’re planning on staying at POP the full week after Thanksgiving. I am not holding my breath on FD for that week. It hasn’t happened in a while but the RO rates seem possible based on previous years data.

Yes that is correct as long as you call after the promo is released to have your reservation adjusted. Based on the leak about FD that’s going around it could be possible that free dining will be offered for at least part of your stay.

So if the room discount is not offered the entire time you are there then free dining may be the best way…because you still have to buy food regardless…hmmm