Room discounts for AP holders

I frequently hear about the room discounts that AP holders get. How big are the discounts? Bigger than the fall/spring discounts where you can get 30% off a deluxe?

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Best i’ve seen from Disney is 37% off Deluxes during the begining of the year.

I was on a 39% discount in June and I am getting 35% off in 2 weeks.

I just looked. Beach Club. Standard View room for August 2nd. Rack rate says $393 and AP rate says $294.75 That’s 25% off

Same night at Riverside. Royal Guest Room Standard View rack is $248 and AP rate is $173.60 That’s 30% off

So it varies by resort and room category. When I was on the fence a liner let me use their MDE ID and PW and I logged in and played around looking at rooms and room rates. It pushed me over the edge.

Anything out for October? Anyone know when?

Saw new fall discounts out what about AP?

AP discounts come out after the RO discounts, I think.

I’m waiting for the AP discounts for the first week in Nov.

Waiting for fall AP discounts as well…

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I went ahead and booked with the fall discount for Nov 6-9 but am hoping the AP discounts makes it even better. Did the same for June/July trip and got a free memory maker that was good for the entire 2 week stay and the cash ressie was only for the first 2 days.

I’ve booked first weekend in oct on orbitz but want to see what AP will be.

Thx for the responses. As desperately as I want to justify the expense, I just can’t do it right now. I will stick with my 10 day PH no expiration as I only get about 7 days a year for two long weekends which I try to book during the “sale times.” Sigh…

I just want to hold an AP in my hand! Maybe someday…

Do the AP discounts have blackout dates? Are they viewable without an AP? We are going for 9 days and on the fence about getting them. I’ve never done Disney without the dining plan and I’m nervous about losing the “all inclusive feel” of our vacation next spring. Thanks!

Not really blackout dates but limited availability ( like everything else) and they usually come out later. If it is in the window we can check availability and rates so you can tell if it is “worth it” to get an AP. You can add DP to AP room but I find TiW with the discount works much better for me. You have room/ tickets with AP, DME, everything you need. Next spring rates are a long ways away.

As for holding one in your hand: they actually don’t issue them as cards anymore. Your AP exists virtually in MDE and is linked to your magic band. Except for parking and discounts – for those you have a separate card that says you are an AP holder. :slight_smile:


Thanks! @PrincipalTinker and @B_squared we are going for 4 nights/3 days in November over thanksgiving and for a week with 6 day passes in April for spring break. Our kids like to be surprised so they have no idea we are going once, let alone twice. Since they don’t issue cards, would any cast members say anything about being AP holders? What is the cost of the TIW cards?

@jhulighan, if you have two trips then you must do the AP! Do you have a package ordered now? If you have not ordered your tickets then you can order them online and see room discounts right away. They do not say anything but you need all MB to upgrade or put voucher on MB, but the kids do not need to be there. They will also send you AP MBs with passholder sliders.

@PrincipalTinker I have a package booked for November that includes tickets. Can I change that without losing the room? I can take the sliders off because I’ll have the bands shipped to my moms since the kids want to be surprised. If you add dining with an AP is it the same cost? I guess I need to look into TIW and find out the cost, etc. Thanks so much for all your help :smile:

The TIW card is $100 or $125. Can’t remember for AP. It’s offered at these rates to FL Resident, DVC, & AP.

Sorry, just seeing this! If you add dining with an AP it does cost the same but since TiW costs $100 but then gives you 20% discount on TS and it includes alcohol, sometimes it is a better deal. Sometimes people do both. You would have to call about your package. You may have to upgrade after first use and apply room discount to next trip.