Room + Dining without tickets

Planning our 2015 trip. I calculated what we would spend on each meal (we actually chose menu items for all table and quick service meals) then compared it to what we would spend on the Dining Plan. The Dining Plan ends up being about $50 more expensive, but then we wouldn’t have the refillable mugs. We decided the DDP plan was worth the extra few bucks and we wouldn’t end up needing to share meals and could also have snacks in the parks if we desired. When I went to check on a room+dining package, I discovered there wasn’t one available. The Unofficial Guide and most websites confirmed that you need park tickets to book a package with the DDP. But I had my travel agent call Disney, and they did book a room+dining package for me without park tickets. This allows me to now buy my tickets from a 3rd party seller and save more than $100. My question is, has anyone had any issues using Official Ticket Center? The TP calculator is indicating they are my best option.

Also, if I get 3rd party tickets, link them to MDE, then in the spring when late summer discounts come out and I have my travel agent go to rebook my resort with the discount, is Disney going to say I need tickets or will they honor the previous package they gave me without park tickets?

I have heard of no problems with people using OTC. Also, the fact that they appear on the TP ticket finder is reassuring to me. Just be sure to use the link to them from the ticket finder - it gives you a better deal than if you go to their site directly.

No ideas on what will happen when your TA tries to re-book your package - you should check with them to see what they have to say about. This is the first time I have heard of anyone getting a room + dining package without tickets, so you may be entering uncharted waters.