Room category changed without me changing it?

Uh…has this happened to anyone else?

I reserved a garden view room at YC. I have a confirmation email. When I logged in today, it shows I have a water view room reserved (at a higher price)! Uh, WTF?

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That doesn’t make any sense at all, no

I would call.

You haven’t received a call from them, have you? Occasionally for reasons they will offer an upgrade for reasons but it’s always comp’d

On the phone now!

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It shows that I changed it but it never sent me an email or charged my credit card the extra amount for the deposit. Being transferred to someone else now…

So what happens if there are no garden view rooms available?

If there’s no paper trail, it never happened. And in that case I would press that you will take the WV room at the standard view rate you agreed to when you made your ressie


Let this be a lesson to anyone who checks for sale rates. MDE can just randomly decide to change your reservation for you with no notice! That’s a new one.

Also lovely that I’ve been on the phone for 25 minutes at 50 cents a minute (no toll free number from Canada!)


They’re not budging, even though they can’t see on the system that I only changed room categories once, to garden view, at the end of January!

Ugh I’m sorry to hear that.
So you’re stuck with the more expensive room? Or were they able to move you back to Garden view?

Or will you thumb your nose at them and change resorts, perhaps to an All Star?

New man I’m talking to says the resort changed it to a water view. So it wasn’t my fault! I told him they can change it to a water view, but I’m not paying for a water view, and he agreed.



We like New Man!


Ok now that’s reasonable! So weird.


They changed it back to the original room & price. Weird they could do that since there was no availability. Whole thing was really weird. He said he tried to get them to give me the water view for the garden view price, lol.


Boo hiss. :frowning:

I think you deserve the water view. But at least you have the room and at the price you booked it at.


Maybe I’ll get a surprise water view room after all!


Maybe this was why they kept asking me if I had gotten an email?


Yeah that would be why they were asking that

I learned about it yesterday but wasn’t sure if it was released to the public. I was watching the DisUnplugged and saw that they mentioned it (and I see that this is where your link is from too)

I also read that they’re starting to reno Beach Club hotel rooms (not the villas) and are moving people. Also makes no sense that at first they offered to move me to the beach club! Glad I refused that one.


I saw this yesterday. Folks booked at BC are not happy. Made me glad we chose YC! If they want to give me a free upgrade from Standard I’d let them give my standard room to someone from BC.