Room cancellations?

Has anyone ever experienced or heard of anyone being able to grab resort rooms that someone else cancelled? I have to believe this is possible since it happens with dining reservations all the time.

It doesn’t quite seem to be as streamlined as the dining piece.

Not that dining reservations are streamlined, hahaha! I was just wondering if it happens. For example, if I wanted a room at a resort in a month but it is currently completely booked, would it matter if I constantly checked for vacancy?

Oh that!

Yes, it’s very very dynamic

Check often Chances are decent you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for


I think @OBNurseNH was originally assuming you meant a hand-off. Like, one of us has a reservation we no longer need, so we post about it and see if anyone wants to arrange to be online at the same time we drop it so they can pick it up. We (successfully) do this with dining reservations sometimes.

But yeah, probably doesn’t work as cleanly with room reservations. BUT you can and should check frequently, inventory pops up all the time, even for busy times.


That’s exactly what I thought they meant!

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A lot of people have had luck around 60 days from check in.


Yes. Check often. Even resort reservations change.