Room availability - is this normal?

Monday, November 10 is a 5 or 6 on the crowd calendar, but there are literally no rooms available! Ok, well, maybe not literally because there was a junior suite at CSR available for that night, but no other resort, in any category had availability when I called just now. I know that Tuesday is a holiday, but that seems crazy! Can that be right?

I am trying to add a night onto my reservation, and this really stinks because I don’t want to change my plane tickets until I have hotel lined up. And I don’t want to wait too long to change my plane ticket, because then the prices will go up! Argh! Any help, thoughts, suggestions, appreciated!

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I think with them releasing Free Dining so early for the rest of the year it resulted in increased bookings this year. Even in December things are pretty full. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot busier than it’s been the past several years.

So, I just looked online to book a room just for the night that I am looking to add and there are actually tons of rooms available at all resorts, including the one I am looking for! If I have too book it separately, I will, though I am now calling back in hopes of getting them to add it to my existing reservation!

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Wow! I had no idea that WDW sold out ever. Naive I know. Wonder if you might do Universal (Cabana Bay is awesome and reasonable) or- gasp- an off site hotel? As always, if one CM doesn’t give me the answer I want, I’ll typically just call again.

Wonder if this means you’ll have to check-in/out to different rooms? Maybe Bell Services can hook you up (move bags to room 2) while your Soarin or falling down an elevator shaft or whatever.

Betting it won’t stay a 5 or 6. Wonder if TP has a mechanism to revisit crowd levels when things like discounts happen??

So, when I finally got through to them, they were only able to book it as a separate reservation. The CM told me that she would link it to my existing reservation, but could not guarantee that I would not have to change rooms.

My theory is that when I called the first time, she tried to find me a room that qualified for the existing discount I have on my package, and those are all sold out. The single night is at a totally different rate.

And @Sam2071 I definitely considered an off site, but this is a very short trip just for food and wine, and I really didn’t want to have to deal with driving at all. But my back-ups plans were to stay offsite but close enough to take a cab OR just bag WDW for that night and go check out Diagon Alley.

Best of luck! Hopefully you won’t have to switch rooms.

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@Sam2071. Have you stayed at cabana bay? We are thinking if this for next year and given our love if mid century cabana bay is very appealing so just wondering how it was.

Yes. And, I loved it! Decor, viscinity to UOR, bowling alley, pool w lazy river, reasonably priced, early entry, nice rooms, decent food court (which I didn’t enjoy b/c of different meal priorities in the parks and at city walk), cool bars, etc. Really a fantastic resort. Kind of a moderate plus but at a value-ish price from w WDW mindset.

Thanks!! I think we will give it a go next year. Kids are older now and I think are ready for UNiversal

I don’t think about that the crowd levels will change much. Remember, WDW offers discounts so that they reach a certain level of room occupancy.

Confused. Might discounts= more people booking vacations= more people in the parks? Just guessing that the discounts might push some to come to WDW whereas they might not have made the trip otherwise.

Disney offers the discounts when occupancy is not as high as they want it to be - once it gets to where they want it they no longer offer discounts. The TP projections are based on historical data, where presumably WDW was at the desired occupancy level because of the discounts that were available at that time.

Also, I recall reading somewhere that non-resort guests are a big driver of the overall park crowds, and that the WDW resort occupancy levels are pretty consistent throughout the year.

Finally, they one thing that I have noticed that seems to cause the crowd predictions to change is a change in park hours. My guess is that when WDW increases park hours, they have determined that there are going to be more guests there.


Thanks for te detailed explanation! Very interesting. Have a great rest of the weekend.