Room at POP near bridge close enough to AOA for group staying at both

I was wondering if anyone had stayed in the furthest rooms in POP, closest to the bridge in order to use accommodations at AOA. We just returned from a trip staying at AOA in the Cars section. My parents have expressed interest in coming with us on our next trip. We are pretty set on staying in the Cars section next time, but if they would like a regular, non-suite room, would it be better for them/ closer if they booked a room at POP in the 60s section closest to the bridge, vs. being all the way out in the Little Mermaid section. Has anyone done this or think its feasible?

Not exactly your scenario, but mine was close.

My parents stayed in the Little Mermaid rooms at AoA in Feb/March, and DH and I were at Pop, 90s section. The rooms at Pop close to the bridge in the 60s section are probably a wash in terms of distance to the Cars section vs 60s to Little Mermaid.

Also - depending on the time of year you go - that walk on the bridge/lake pathway is HOT. No shade.

I think you’d be fine choosing either one. I’d personally have the parents at Pop, as the Little Mermaid rooms were a bit much decor-wise for my parents, but to each his own. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your trip!