Room advice please 2 bed kidani giraffes

Hi everyone, I searched previous posts for an hour or two, but thought it might be easier to ask :star_struck:

We are doing a 1 night 2 bedroom savanna at kidani (booked through Disney website, so thinking has to be non-dvc right? Because we are not dvc members (yet, hopefully!))

It was a crazy splurge for my Dad who is getting older and LOVES animals–he was SO excited when he heard about the one night here–any advice for a room with a good giraffe view? I spent about an hour looking through room photos–someone said on disboards only the one savanna has giraffes, but when I looked at one of the rooms on the other savanna it seemed to have the best giraffe view of all?!

I’m so confused! :worried::laughing::woman_facepalming:

If anyone could weigh in on some good suggestions for a lower-ish height (2nd or 3rd floor?) that could show a hopefully good giraffe view, I would be SO grateful!!!

One night is SO short, but hopefully we have an amazing experience :pray:. We are doing a before and after a cruise on the Dream, but our “after” nights are at coronado, so we only have this one night at Kidani.

Thank you everyone, hope you are all safe and well…

Kidani is all DVC but like with all other DVC resorts you can also book them as non DVC members.

Some of the KIdani rooms look over the Pembe Savannah which does not have giraffes.

I suggest you ask for a room on the south trail.


@hmbhmbhmb and Keith… sorry don’t know which one… had giraffes in their savanna view. I’d love to hear where they stayed too. It’s a bucket list to stay in a savanna view w/ giraffes.

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I think any savanna view other than Pembe should have giraffes. We were in a studio but requested 2nd floor close to the lobby. The savanna views were amazing and we didn’t have to hike a mile to the room. I wanted to not be super high either for animal viewing purposes. Are you checking out the room finder on TP?


Ok… booked one night savanna at Kadani this Friday. Which room, area to ask for giraffes …please… @hmbhmbhmb @Keith718

There were definitely more giraffes on view at @hmbhmbhmb’s room than at mine. Based solely on our last trip, closer to the lobby the better, North Trail. The viewing area just off the lobby (again, north) with rocking chairs had the best view of the giraffes if they’re not around your room.


You Rock, Thank you!!!

Just a quick tip - I suggest looking into rentals through David’s. One night at a 2BR is around $850 for Savannah View, compared to $1300 to $2500 through Disney (Edit: fixed this range cause I was looking at the wrong room type) . The downside is that David’s is non-refundable, so you may need trip insurance or eat the cost if you cancel - so take that into consideration if you might cancel. You can also look at dedicated reservations for sale on David’s and other websites.


The risk is though that if you ask for north trail, you could end up on the Pembe Savannah, which has no giraffes at all.


Thank you so much everyone…I am loving every comment! Has anyone been close to any of these rooms? (I looked for user comments but didn’t see any):

  1. This one looked really good, but isn’t this the wrong “loop” for giraffes? Were they just there by accident?

Bldg Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas North Trail,Flr 2,S-facing room.Exmple:7680

  1. and this one looks awesome but is a 1 bedroom, but 2 rooms to the left is a 2 bed…wouldn’t they have the same view (maybe giraffes just aren’t out right then? :woman_shrugging:) (first number is the 1 bed, 2nd is the 2…look at the giraffes :giraffe:!)

Bldg Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas North Trail,Flr 2,SW-facing room.Exmple:7668

Bldg Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas North Trail,Flr 2,SW-facing room.Exmple:7672

Ooh, or
3) Bldg Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas North Trail,Flr 2,SW-facing room.Exmple:7666

Anyone stayed close to any of these? Is Disney still taking TP requests lately? Worth a try anyway, right?

I am SOOOO excited! This is my first time with littles with (I took my girl scout troop a few years ago but they were all 15/16), as we decided to go as a small business! (Me, my Dad, our college intern, and our right hand person and her 2 kids (8 and 6)…and when I told another business owner we were doing it, she decided to take her 2 workers too! So we are all going :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and we will happily do the same for all of you! :hugs:

Any advice since we haven’t been since 2018?

Also, we tried David’s, but they didn’t have availability, but then the Disney site did…just bad luck? If anything opens up at David’s, can you still cancel original if it is still more than 30 days away? (I didn’t think so but I have never had one paid ahead before! :laughing:)

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When I looked on the south loop, I couldn’t find one with giraffes…any room number reccs?

Yes, keep looking for availability. If you have a package (with tickets) you can cancel up to 30 days (I believe). But if it is a room only reservation (tickets purchased separately), you can cancel your room through Disney up to 5 days in advance. Definitely keep trying! Get on David’s waitlist and check their dedicated rental board.

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Note that the animals can roam free within their savannas, so sometimes there will be giraffes in a particular location and sometimes not. I was told by a CM there is no set time to bring them in or out - they just come and go as they please unless there is a veterinary need.


If you’re looking at the pictures on the room finder, then they probably were just taken when no giraffes were around. They don’t stay in one place all day. But the keepers do a great of moving them through the savanna by placing food in different areas at different times. Also there are many animals that will delight you beyond giraffes. On my first stay at Kidani, we were in a room overlooking the Pembe savanna. I was so disappointed because I was also looking for giraffes. But instead we had okapi which are so cool in their own right. On the main savanna you’ll see zebra, wildebeest, ankole cattle and more in addition to giraffes. It will be amazing. But be sure to schedule time to just be in your room appreciating the view and the animals.


Can DVC owners “re-release” reservations? (What I mean is, can it be booked full now, but kind of like dining ADRs, can people "release " reservations and there be availability tomorrow?)

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Yes this can happen. How far away is your trip though? More time means more volatility.

ETA: I just remembered if your reservation was unavailable (and not just no members with points), I don’t think David’s does a waiting list. But still worth checking.

We’re going 12/9/21 to 12/15/2021

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I dunno, do they even fit in a queen?


There’s still time for a dedicated rental to pop up - the post below includes the links to four reputable sites that I would check daily (sometimes multiple times daily) for new listings until the perfect one finally popped up. There are often listings at AKL, so definitely worth trying.

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who cares about the bed size, it’s the ceiling height that’s a greater concern :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: