Ronto Wraps

So… since my first visit to Disneyland this weekend isn’t going to be happening I’ve decided to cook up “Disney” foods each day I would have been in the parks.

I still haven’t been to SW:GE either. However, a Ronto Wrap looks pretty easy to duplicate. I’m seeing conflicting recipes when it comes to the coleslaw in the wrap.

For anyone who has tried one - Is the slaw marinated or just plain cabbage & carrots?

(I know there is a peppercorn sauce for the wrap)

I would seem like a marinated slaw + the peppercorn sauce would be too much / conflicting, but I have no frame of reference.

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The pictures sure look like it’s got some kind of vinegar marinade

The best I can recall, there was some sort of a marinade but it didn’t have a very strong flavor.


Yeah… a few “copy cat” recipes use a vinegar slaw. However, DFB specifically stated it’s a raw veggie mix. That’s why I want to find out. Thanks!

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