Roller Coasters after Spinal Fusion

My daughter and I are going to MK and HS next week. She had spinal fusion to correct scoliosis 2+ years ago. Her surgeon says roller coasters are fine for her. She is pain free now and still very athletic (plays volleyball). She is excited to ride RNRC, ToT, Space, BTM and Splash, but she is nervous. Anyone experienced these rides post-spinal fusion? THX!

I have never had a spinal fusion, but I cannot imagine that a roller coaster (that the doctor said was okay to do) could be any more harmful than playing volleyball.

HA!! Right! And she’s a defensive player, so she is always throwing herself on the floor!! That is pretty jarring!!

I just hope to reassure her some so she can enjoy herself and not stress about it.

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Assuming that under normal healthy circumstances it takes at least one year for the bone to fuse onto the hardware placed inside of her, and she is now 2 years out, her spine is most likely stronger now than it ever was before the surgery! And stronger than most others riding RNRC!

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My husband had an incomplete cervical fracture and rode space mountain, seven drawfs , dinosaur, kali river rapids, I could go on and on. Disney world roller coasters r nothing like the other major thrill parks. I would say they are more "entertaining " than rides with all the visual and sound. No worries :wink: