Rollaway beds in Dolphin/Swan

My family has always stayed at the Contemporary but are considering the Dolphin/Swan for the lower prices. However, we are 3 adults and 2 children- usually my mother-in-law happily took the daybed in the Contemporary while DH and I slept with the kids on the regular beds as she said it was pretty comfy. Are the rollaway beds at Dolphin/Swan comfy?

We are also a family of 5. We haven’t used their roll away bed. Once I realized there was a nightly charge for the roll away bed, we bought a decent twin size blow up matttress for less than two nights charge for the Dolphin roll away. Not sure if you’d be willing to do that but just something to consider.

That’s a good idea. Thanks!

We are considering the Dolphin for a quickie trip in May for the F&G festival. As 3 larger adults (one person with restless leg syndrome), we’d like to get a rollaway or bring a nice airbed as sharing a double would be uncomfortable for any of us. Can anyone with experience on that comment on A. the comfort of the rollaway and B. where they placed the rollaway/airbed? All of the photos of the rooms I’ve seen are at an angle that makes it difficult for me to figure out. Ideally, we’d like one of the long sides of the bed pushed up against a wall. Would love photos if you have them, too!

Are you allowed 5 at these resorts?

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I believe Dolphin allows 5 but Swan only allows 4. However 3-4 adults may still want a third sleeping surface. Following as I am curious about this question also.

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Sorry, just saw this! As @threeprincessesfourprinces mentioned, it is 5 at the Dolphin and they offer rollaway beds – I believe the charge for a rollaway is $25 per night at the Dolphin.

There is also a fee for more than 2 adults per room, $25 per extra adult per night.

Interesting!! We are a family of 5 and I didn’t know that was an option!

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I’m thinking the rollaway would go in front of the window parallel to the bed. It would be a tight squeeze for sure.