ROL Tusker House package and Dining Plan

I have been told on another forum that to do Tusker House for the ROL dining package it is 1 credit PLUS $9, but cannot find that information anywhere (including the fine print on the WDW website).

Is that true? They charge you $9 for the ROL ticket on top of the 1 credit?

If so, do they charge extra with Tiffins or just the 2 credits for Tiffins?

I have never heard this. My understanding was that the Tusker House ROL package was just 1 credit only…no extra charge.

We did ROL Tusker House package in May and were just charged one credit.

It’s just one credit. If you are paying out of pocket there is an upchargen I’m sure that’s what they are thinking of.

Thank you al! That is what I suspected, but wanted to confirm.

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I just recently booked it, on the phone because I had an existing reservation and wanted to change it to the package when they were released, and the CM did not mention anything at all about a separate charge.

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Sorry I am also on the dining plan, so maybe that is why. Only charged 1 credit.

Yeah, I had never seen anything about it, and I’m good about reading the fine print. The guy who said it usually knows what he’s talking about, but this one seemed out of left field.

We did Tuskers twice in the last three weeks and only paid 1 credit each from the dining plan (plus tips). Each time we got the RoL pass.

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I am sorry. I figure out most of the abbreviations’ out here but what does RoL stand for?

RoL = River of Lights - the relatively new night time show in Animal Kingdom.