ROL Tusker House Breakfast Dec 8 Available Bookings

Parties of 4 or less can book a ROL breakfast ressie at Tusker House on Dec 8th!!!

I have been trying to get a ROL breakfast reservation at Tusker House every day since they released the dates! I have a party of 8 so it has been really hard! I finally was able to book two parties of 4 at the same time (on two different MDE accounts). I’m so excited!!! No one in my house understands the excitement so I thought I would share it with you guys! Plus I noticed there are still slots open for ROL Tusker House for parties of 4 or less!


I get it!
I scored my rol for 8.30 on Christmas morning and my Dh was like, okay?
These non planners are party poppers, they can’t enjoy the simple things or the important things! Just the end results!


That’s awesome! On Christmas morning?!! Everyone in my family just shows up and we have a magical vacation…they have no idea how much planning is involved! Good thing I LOVE that part! :heart_eyes:

Yeah. I got it last week in the first search… It was the only time available all day, but I just couldn’t believe it! I thought for sure it would have been snapped up much earlier!

If my Dh was in charge of our trips, we would be showing up and be like what’s a fastpass? Why can’t we get into anywhere for dinner tonight? I can’t believe we went to animal kingdom and only got two rides done all day!?!?

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So true!!