ROL Dinning Package

Ok ROL is 1 table service credit for Tusker House. I know the web sight has it listed as 2. I could not take it anymore so I called. The CM said that she will let the powers that be know of the mistake on their sight.



Edited to add: you know you found your people- right? I would lose sleep over things like this.


Great news! I had just read in another post that Tusker House RoL was 2 DDP credits and was about to cancel my dining plan package. Now I can keep it. We have two rooms (4 people) reserved, so I got a dining plan for one of the rooms. That gave us credits for 3 QS meals and 3 TS meals for the 4 of us, which worked out to just what we needed. For us, that was cost-effective. But if the TH was actually 2 credits it would not have been worth it.

Glad you figured it out!

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You read in another post? Lol

We called in with the same question today and got the same answer as you. Glad to see some confirmation here from you as well.