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My fiance has expressed a desire to eat at Tiffins on our honeymoon trip so I was looking at the rivers of light dining packages.

My understanding is that on the dining plan (which we have) a meal at Tiffins is 2 credits, but the ROL dining package is also 2 credits so it seems to be nothing to lose (and in fact something to gain) in doing the package if we want to eat there anyway? Or am I missing anything? I think it might mean having to eat early is that right? And I can’t book it as far in advance? But I was thinking book Tiffins at 180 and cancel once I get the ROL package booked so we definitely get to eat there as that’s our main aim.

Is the menu/whats allowed on dining plan any different with or without the package?

Also how have people found the food there recently? If anyone went on the dining plan I would be interested in any restrictions etc.

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The ROL DP is 2 credits at Tiffins and 1 at Tuskers. Timing is all day, but with restrictions on availability, opening times, and needs to be at least 2 hours before ROL, don’t quote me on that it might be 3. Tiffins has recently introduced a new system at lunch where you can choose to have either a starter or dessert.

I have no experience with the dining plan, but I have eaten at Tiffins several times including once with the ROL dining package. It was not an unusual meal time. The package included an appetizer, entree, dessert, and non-alcoholic drink off of the regular menu for each person. And even though our package reservation specified a showtime our server asked us which one we wanted. I’m not sure that’s standard, though, so don’t count on it when making your plans.

I highly recommend Tiffins, package or no. And it’s not often hard to get a table, even a walk-in. I think it falls outside scope of what a lot of guests are looking for at AK. If it were at EPCOT I believe the place would be mobbed on a regular basis. We still make reservations just to be safe.

What an excellent choice! There really is nothing to lose with going with the package. On day 180, I was able to book the Tiffins ROL package.

We really loved Tiffins last year. It is one of the few restaurants we are repeating on our Christmas week trip.

I have gone to Tiffins three times on the dining package. That package is a great deal if paying cash. It includes an appetizer, and the regular meal does not- for the same two credits. My only question would be if the package includes an alcoholic drink with the dining plan. I suspect it does without the package but I do not know if they add it to the package with the DP.

Thanks everyone for your helpful comments sounds like its definitely worth doing then :smile: glad the food gets good reviews with you @paulleewatkins, @SirGreggLadyV

@PrincipalTinker I think we would get an alcoholic drink on the dining plan (based on the description) so as you say unclear if this would be added to the package but we can live without (or pay out to pocket) if needs be. I’m not sure if without the package (but still on dining plan) we would still get the 3 course and if that’s the trade off we would take the starter over the drink. However even if we lose the drink we still get the seating for the show so seems a good choice either way and we will see what we get!

Seems like you have to eat 3 hours (@Tate) before the show, I assume in early May we would be looking at an 9.15 show time so latest dinner we could book would be 6.15?

Also is the show every night? the date I am looking at at the moment is Saturday 4th May 2019 but wouldn’t want to later find out it won’t run on a Saturday and I can’t see what time it was this year on a similar date or look that far ahead in the schedule as far as I’m aware.

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The show does run every night at this time, sometimes twice. The three courses are only with the dining plan. To me, the package would still be the best value since the appetizer I would get would cost more than a drink.

Thanks yes that’s what I was thinking the starter/appetizer will be worth more to us than a drink.
Also good to know it does run every night :slight_smile: the menu looks really good

More dining questions will appear closer to my ADR date but the spread sheet is starting to fill in nicely not that it means it wont be emptied and filled again! :rofl:


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