Rodgers: the musical

Going in a few weeks. My kids are all Marvel fans, but they haven’t seen everything out there

What movies and shows must be seen to “get” the musical? We’ve watched the first episode of Hawkeye so have seen where it comes from. Just curious if we need to binge a few shows or movies.

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If they’ve seen the original Captain America movie, Avengers, and End Game (specifically the whole time travel bit) they’ll be good. I think the most important pieces to know are who are Peggy Carter & Nick Fury (both of which are in the above movies & that knowledge would suffice for the show) and also have an idea that Steve is friends with Bucky too (also gathered from the above).

You could also be really rusty on all of that, as long as you’ve watched the one scene in Hawkeye you’ll get a kick out of the main song & the rest of it will mostly explain itself but if you’re like me you’ll be trying to figure out the time travel stuff again & give up & just try to enjoy the song.


Thank you!! That’s exactly the information I was looking for!

How is getting a spot in the theater going? Any insight on what to do there?


There is the Premium option ($29/person…sold at park opening and the entire party must be there).

There is VQ - I believe there are 2 times, once for the first 2 shows and once for the second.

There is standby. From what I’ve seen, if you’re doing stand-by get in that line super early for the best chance. And potentially be prepared that you might have to split up for seats.

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You can use the Virtual Queue or Standby or buy a premium package that comes with snacks including a Rogers specific popcorn bucket and you get to enter the theater first to pick your seats.

Standby you’ll just go to the theater (45 min-1 hr before if you want a better choice of seats) and once they let in the virtual queue they’ll let in what they can accommodate from standby (Another reason not to cut it too close for standby).

We used the Virtual Queue. Are you familiar with grabbing a virtual queue spot? If not, this thread has a good overview of tips. Note while most of the details still apply, the times will be all inaccurate since the post was when VQ was used for rides and at the time in WDW only.

To get a boarding group for the musical the accurate times are:

  • 10:30am - First drop where you could obtain a group for the first two shows at 12:15pm or 1:45pm
  • 2:00pm- Second drop for the later two shows at 4:00pm or 5:30pm

For virtual queue they will call your group about 40 minutes before the show. We did not see our notification come in and I was waiting until the last possible minute so the toddlers could go potty before we went in (there are no bathrooms inside the theater so you have to completely exit & re-enter if there is a need) and we showed up just at 30 min before but right as they were letting in the standby folks. So come earlier than we did.


So helpful. Thank you!

Do you think we can send two people in to get seats and have two more people meet up with them if they are lagging behind and save two seats? Or send two people for snacks? Or will that be a huge cluster?

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So the way they set it up to gather the crowd into the theater makes it nearly impossible to lag & save seats for latecomers.

When you enter the facade, you are actually still outdoors and only the marquee has any kind of roof over it until you enter the theater doors around the corner. Just inside they have a concession cart that sells popcorn (I think other snacks, too but we just got popcorn) & bottled drinks.

After the concession stand they have stroller parking & large roped off holding areas where they separate out those waiting for orchestra, mezzanine or balcony. The CMs count off the people as they enter into each area and once that area is at capacity for the section, they do not allow you to join people in your party. I believe you can leave once you enter to purchase snacks, but I would double check with the CMs manning the entrances.

Mezzanine will fill up first (usually) but orchestra will fill up just after it (sometimes it goes first if more people want to just walk in without dealing with stairs). Once those are filled, only balcony is available and it is a LOT of stairs.

Once the theater doors open they empty the holding areas (they did this right about 30 min. before showtime when we went as we got there 30 min before, bought popcorn & parked the stroller & then were able to walk right in at the back of our section being let in). Because we were a little bit late & slow, we ended up with balcony but my husband was not able to do those stairs so got in line to use an elevator pass & could take one person with him (so he took our youngest kid).

We were able to save two seats because we had 2 waiting to come up in an elevator but there was a lot of pressure all around from all the CMs directing everyone to scoot in as many seats as were available to make room & they packed the theater even filling up all the single seats way up in the top of the balcony.

So I would do your best to have everyone ready to go into the theater together at 30 minutes before & make sure you are in the section to be counted in the holding area (for orchestra or mezzanine especially) by 35-40 minutes before.

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My experience was different. I entered scanners with VQ about 30 min B4 and got into holding area. They let premium purchasers in around 15 min B4, then Disability, then the rest of us around 8-10 min B4 showtime. This was for orchestra though, but the other sections didn’t start letting guests in until 15 min B4. They just didn’t have premium and DAS.


What time was your show? I was expecting it to take longer in the holding area because I very much remember for Aladdin & Frozen waiting for what felt like forever in the holding areas. But it was the first show of the day so I’m wondering if they didn’t have to reset the theater/clear it out for a new crowd so they could start letting everyone in earlier.


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So we do have a DAS pass- do they allow separate entry with that? Would I still get my VQ and then let them know at the entry point? How does it look different than normal entry? Can we hold a separate return time for a ride while using that entry?

I don’t really know, but I think you still have a VQ if want to be let in earlier. There is a kiosk there that.wheelchair users talked to. I assume you would talk to them too.

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