Rockin Rollercoaster Songs

I knew different vehicles played different songs but didn’t realize that there was a tie-in to license plates.

Grab this from an article: "The limo license plates/corresponding song played: 1QKLIMO/”Nine Lives”, UGOBABE/”Love in an Elevator” [rewrite of the classic “Love in an Elevator” is now “Love in a Roller Coaster” just for this attraction] and “Walt This Way”, BUHBYE/”Young Lust”, “F.I.N.E.”, “Love in an Elevator”, H8TRFFC/”Back in the Saddle”, “Dude(Looks Like a Lady)”, 2FAST4U/”Sweet Emotion” and there is a back up song that can be loaded to any car if necessary: “What Kind of Love Are You On”


I love this ride and have never paid attention to the plates and songs matching. I just sing along.

Interesting @Sam2071 !!

Very cool, I knew the songs varied but didn’t realize the rhyme/reason for it. Thanks for sharing!

Love this tidbit of information! I have a special fondness for this coaster as Aerosmith was my 1st concert (Guns-N-Roses opened for them so that may give a hint about my age :laughing:).

Aerosmith was my 1st concert too!! The Black Crowes opened :slight_smile:

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That explains it. Various family members kept debating on which Aerosmith song was used on the ride. I confused myself as I recalled various ones. Going to start looking at license plates now.

I am actually not a fan of music during a coaster ride… I like the pure sounds of the train wooshing along and the people screaming! :smile: So I don’t even really notice what plays on Rock’n’Roller coaster

The music is one of my favorite parts to this ride. I did not realize the songs varied until on a recent ride when the songs were different than expected. So glad you shared about the license plates, I will definitely be looking at the license plates now.

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