Roaming Characters

I’m loving how many different characters are in DLR / DCA. I’ve been using Character Greeting Times for info about what characters may be available while I’m there. It seems like a lot of these characters are out for a very short time (10 – 15 minutes or less). Are they just roaming or can you ask for a picture / interaction?

There are so many characters, especially Villains, that you can’t meet at WDW. (If you can you have to pay for an expense character meal or “party”) I’m considering just making a whole day of meeting as many of my beloved characters as possible if these brief appearances allow for photo ops.

Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions?

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Sorry I won’t be much help here - I’m not big on character interactions. But I will say that I rarely see the roaming characters, and when I do it’s usually one of the regulars. Once we saw Goofy walking near the Main Street train station and we sidled up next to him and he walked us to an area where he formed us into a line with a few other people and we did the normal meet and greet experience there. I assume that’s how this typically works.

It can be fun but in a way I prefer the planned and self-contained meet and greets if I’m going to do one.

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I haven’t been to DLR/DCA in about a year, but from what I remember, the roaming characters usually do meet n greets in addition to their roaming antics.

The Mad Hatter can often be found roaming around near the teacups in Fantasyland. I have seen him riding the attraction (in character). Once he tried to order a cup of tea at the ice cream cart nearby. In the afternoon, he and Alice play musical chairs with kids near Refreshment Corner accompanied by the Main Street pianist. They’ll typically pose for photos with guests afterwards.

During Halloween season, Cruella can frequently be found on Main Street doing Meet n Greets, but she’ll wander off too (I saw her chase after the double decker bus shrieking about something last September).

Edit: I remembered some other roaming characters.
Tiana - she often rides the Mark Twain riverboat along with doing Meet n Greets near the Mark Twain dock on Rivers of American. I have had spontaneous interactions with her on the Mark Twain.

Gaston - During Halloween season, I have seen him out wandering the Matterhorn pass between the Hub and Fantasyland area. He’ll interact with guests stop and take photos if they are interested.

Mary Poppins and Bert - sometimes perform in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in a small show. They can be found nearby the Hub interacting and taking photos with guests.

Additionally, the Fantasyland Band, will sometimes ride the carousel and play music as they ride. I have seen this on the weekends. I

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We met Oswald when he was roaming near the DCA entrance. The CM handler repeatedly said do not form a line and instead to just ask him to stop for a picture, which was a bit annoying because there were multiple families trying to stop him (but I get forming a line defeats the purpose of him “roaming”). So he would take a picture, then start walking away, then another group would stop him.

All the characters I’ve seen/met in Town Square in DL have had actual lines (but my experience is mostly with the Fab Five as opposed to rare characters).


There are lots cool interactions out there. Recently a friend was about to get on Peter Pan and low and behold, Peter was riding his own ride!

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This all sounds great. Pretty much what I hoped. I’m going to set up a day where the majority of it is just doing M&G. This way if I’ll have multiple opportunities to meet everyone I want even if they have short windows of time in the areas.

I was there four days last week and had some good luck with roaming characters without really trying. Huge disclaimer: it was my adorable three year old son they were stopping for, not me.

He got to walk around holding hands with Captain Hook the first day and Mary Poppins the last day. Basically he was like one of those kids in the commercials. :laughing:

He also had a great interaction with Chewie in GE, high fives and pictures with Elastagirl, and got to ride the carousel with the band. Edit: and Rey in GE.


Other roaming characters we saw were Alice and the Mad Hatter near the Teacups, Goofy on Main St (maybe just leaving a line), Redhead Pirate, Dr Facilier, Malificent, Peter Pan, Kylo Ren and Troopers, and a few others I can’t recall right now.

It was a noticeable increase over what we were used to at WDW.

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Thanks for the replies. For anyone needing to know character meeting locations and times should check out

They provide live stats on who is out each day, times and locations.


We saw a ton roaming in June last year:
Evil Queen
Peter Pan
Mad Hatter and Alice and two Tweedles and Queen of Hearts
Chip and Dale
Dr. Strange

M/G included:
Nick and Judy
Black Widow
Black Panther
Belle in blue dress
Captain America*

*we didn’t meet, just saw or were there.

May be missing some…