RO ressie... extra day, better to book now & cancel later or add later?

Trying to plan a very uncertain trip tied to my DH business travel... I don't know whether we need to checkout on a Sun or a Monday... For a RO reservation, is it better for me to make it for the max # of days and cancel the extra day later? Or is it better to add the day later on when we are certain we can stay the extra day? It's for early Dec so I am worried about availability? (Also, was trying for Pop, but looks like all the Fall discounted rooms are long gone) Plus, I don't want to face a penalty or room rate change for shorting ressie!
Sorry, I am sure this has been answered many time before, but losing patience searching topics! smile

You can change a Ro res up to 2 days before with no fees or charges.

You may cancel a room only res up to 5 days before with no fees or charges.

Book the extra days. And if you don't need them, you can take them off when you know

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Will you know before you check in? If so definitely book for the max number of days now to get the best rate. If you wait until closer you may not get the same rate or even a room at the same resort.

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Thanks! Good advice as usual... I figured this was the case but wanted to doublecheck since I have never done RO before! Sounds like I should take this approach every time! Ha!

Another Forum Liner had that same issue and after calling a few times, was told s/he could cancel the last night at check in w/o penalty. FWIW.