Riviera vs, Boardwalk

Considering all the different angles ( location, food, theme, price, etc)- which one would you stay at for a trip with 3 families, 9 kids all under 9 years old.

  • Boardwalk
  • Riviera

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I usually stay at Bay Lake. I have tried VGF and AKL. LOVE the theming at AKL for kids but worried about the long hallways and bus to everything. I feel i could be convinced to do AKL, but the last straw is the worn down rooms lol.

Riviera underwhelmed me. The room itself was super pretty. But otherwise it was meh for me. Skyliner is cool, but if you’re there and it’s down then you’re on a bus.

Boardwalk leaves you closer to multiple resorts, all in walking distance or ferry ride. You’re pretty equidistant from two parks. And there’s plenty to do on the Boardwalk itself. You’re also pretty near to one of the minigolf places IIRC. Dining options are better, and it’s a million times more pretty on the whole IMO.

Now the rooms need it. But I would rather the resort as a whole offer me more than the room where I will spend much less time.


We had an 8 yo with us the week we were at Boardwalk. We had to stop and watch the magician every night.

It was fun how much the kid was enthralled by magic tricks.

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When is your trip? I will always pick BW but when is your trip? BW will have limited availability during the refurbishment.

Exactly what she said…

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Planning for first week of January

Now I remember! Yes! BWV- no contest!

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Lets hope i can get it 7 months in advance lol

I believe you can book over the phone right away?

edit: and agreed on Boardwalk. Though, there is potential for long halways there too, but not quite as long as AKL.

I actually really like Riviera and think its beautiful! But I would say with a large group flexibility and ease of transportation mobilizing a large group wins. And walkability to two parks wins in my book. BWV is probably my favorite resort in all of WDW. Starting the day in those rocking chairs outside while sipping my morning coffee is the BEST!

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