Riverside or Pop?

Would you do Port Orleans Riverside over Pop Century? It is only 350 more for a week. I had wanted POFQ but it was not available. I want a more relaxed vacation with plenty of pool time. I have been going back and forth on resort decisions for days. I am all over the place from Poly to Pop. However - I think I have it narrowed it down to POR or POP.

Opinions wanted. Thanks!

For resort relaxing and pool time, I’d would certainly choose POR over PoP. Better pool, TS restaurant option, Yee-Haw Bob and a quieter resort.

I asked a friend who’s stand at both and she said POR hands down!

Always “move up” rooms are bigger - things are usually nicer.

Much better beds, much much quieter resort, better pool, a lounge for a nightcap, a table service restaurant, a better food court, a boat to Disney Springs. Take POR you will not regret it over staying at Pop.

We stayed at POR in 2012 and loved it. We are going back to Disney in July and staying again at POR.

I would definitely make the change.

Thanks! That was a unanimous response. POR here I come! That will be a new resort for me.


I’m glad I stumbled onto this, I’ve been having the exact same debate in my head for a trip coming next winter! POFQ it is!