Rivers of Light viewing stand by

I’m confused about where you watch Rivers of Light if you don’t have a FP or Dining package. The map shows the standby entrance in Dino land and I don’t see seating. Also has anyone seen the revised show lately?

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There is standby seating

Here is a diagram from WDWPrepSchool:

I have not seen the show yet. I’ve seen recent photos that indicate it’s not very popular, especially with the standby people. You should easily find seating.

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Does anyone know if there is standing places to view?

I watched Rivers of Light about a month ago. It was the new revised show. (which I liked) I had a fastpass for the 2nd show. The FP section was jammed full. There was no one, I mean no one in the stand by section. I honestly wanted to get out of the FP section and walk over to stand by where I would have had more room to spread out. I could have even put my feet up :wink:
I enjoyed the show.

To follow up, we ended up going to the 9pm show of Rivers of Light, walked in about 8:55, and the stand by was starting to fill up, but no one was on the first few rows. We asked a cast member if it was reserved and she told us the very first row was reserved for handicapped. We sat on the 2nd row and had a front row seat. We really enjoyed the show. It was the perfect end to our day.


I’m so glad it worked out for you all. I really enjoyed the show as well. Did you see the Tree of Life show? I missed it last time :frowning:

We missed it, too.