Rivers of Light update debuts tonight

Starting tonight:

The article also mentions a new Lion King story for the Tree of Life Awakenings which will play until Sept 30th.

WDW News Today live-streamed it last night. Preview, perhaps?

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Meh. I liked the version that was there the last two times. It was fine without characters IMHO. Lion King used to be a fave of mine, but it is really on overkill right now for me. :frowning: And I have about zero desire to see the CGI version coming out.


I had a friend there who said there was a passrholder preview.

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Did anyone here see it? Calling @perkins314

Yeah, I think that’s how there are pictures (and live streams) available.

Don’t know who was invited / eligible.

Edited: any AP holders who turned up at 10pm.

I’m very interested to read reviews. I have the ROL dining package, but am wondering if I should SB FOP instead.

I watched a video of the new show online. It has thunder and lightning effects at about the halfway point. Did the previous version have that? If not, I think parents of small children should be warned about it.

Blog Mickey has a video of it.

Various versions posted over on WDWMagic in this thread (should take you to the first page with a link). And reviews.

Also the new Tree of Life Awakenings.

Alright, I am back home. Sorry, I tend to not post updates while I am down there in the bubble.

Anyway, Our family very much enjoyed it. It was still animal centric and very much told a story. The blending in of Disney Characters definitely gave it some familiarity for the more common guest. (remember that all of us here in the forums are not considered the average guest) There was a family sitting near us that had never been to DAK and they thought it was great. I am sure there will be haters, but the goal of an entertaining night time show to eat some crowds and give DAK guests a finale to their day was, in my opinion, accomplished. We will definitely watch it again next trip.


In 8 days I’ll be that family that has never been to AK, so I’m looking forward to it.


Really? Why?? Why must there be thunder in everything.? My DS refused for to go into Tiki birds and COP for the longest times because both had a storm.

I will say it wasn’t a very strong “storm”. But it was convincing enough for my wife to at least question it and ask me if it was part of the show.