Rivers of Light/ Tusker House Dining Package question

I have a reservation for ROL dining at Tusker House. The reservation is for the first showing. The reservation is for late October.

My question is when is the actual showing? How long should I plan to be there?

Not sure exactly, but it’s usually about 9

I know the first showing times vary with the seasons. In the Fall and Winter, it is usually earlier than in the Spring and Summer. Closer to when you will leave, you can look up “Rivers of Light” on MDE and it will tell you a general time frame. Also, when you check in for your dining reservation at Tusker House, you will learn when the first showing will be.

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What date are you looking at? Usually RoL show times are on the Disney schedule. The show runs about 15 minutes and with the reserved seating I would should up about 20 minutes early.

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The show is at 730PM for our visit on October 22nd. I plan on being there at 7PM.

usually late October there is only 1 showing at 730

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The times are on the Kenny the Pirate calendar

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Hi we just did the river of light Tusker house dining package last week. The server gave us tickets and told us the showtime when she greeted us. I think it was 8:45, basically as soon as it gets dark. It wasn’t too crowded last week, we showed up 5 minutes before and there were plenty of seats on both the reserved side and non reserved side. Enjoy, The food at Tusker house is the best, I think the best of our trip, and the show was about 15 minutes, very cool, we loved it.

I think I’m clear on what I’ve just done, but just to be sure: I wanted to be sure to get VIP seating at ROL (there were no FP’s left). We’re two weeks out. So I booked TH breakfast ROL dining pkg.

  1. So…we get VIP seating just for booking breakfast at TH?
  2. Do they give you some kind of receipt to present at ROL?
  3. Or do they add it to your Magic Band?
  4. Also, if you call ahead to tell them you won’t be at breakfast but let them charge the meal, can you still get your ROL seat?

I’m happy to pay for the TH ROL Dining Package (in fact, I think my Dining Plan will cover it), but that seems like the only down side if one wants to guarantee good seats to ROL. We’re on our first and possibly only trip so we want the guarantee. Anyone disagree?

Why not eat at Tusker House? If it is your only trip you can have some good food, character meets (they come to your table) and the show. I usually go to Tiffins for the RoL package, but that is only because I love Tiffins and it is a great value with that package. You do need to go to the restaurant and check in. My server has always brought be my paper “tickets” to the show. The reserved seating area for RoL is by the Nemo entrance. Enjoy!

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Plus paying a few dollars more…

If using the dining plan there is no additional cost.

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Doh! True, I missed that. I’ve never had a dining plan, so I wasn’t thinking along those lines.

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