Rivers of Light / Tree of Light Awakening

I am trying to do TP for AK and want to position ourselves to see RoL and the ToL Awakening at the right times (if it opens in June). From the Blog, it looks like you will have to be in Asia to see the RoL, but in front of the main hub to see ToL Awakening. Will we have to choose? Anyone know?

During the park blog broadcast they said you really had to be in the seats to really see RoL.

Oh, thanks. I didn’t realize there were going to be seats. I figured we had to line up on the walkway. Do you know if we will be able to FP it?

The opening date for RoL is yet to be determined; most people are saying July the absolute earliest, possibly not until the Fall. In the interim they are going to be running a Jungle Book show in the RoL arena. No info yet on number of shows per night, show times, FPPs, dining packages, etc. By most accounts, the only place where you will really be able to see the show is from the seats or from a very limited standing room area behind them.

ToL Awakening is supposed to be a series of short shows played at various times throughout the night, more like the fountain show in FW than the castle show in MK. But again, times have not been announced. My understanding is that the best view of the TOL will be from Discovery Island, but some have reported that it will also factor into RoL, once it opens.

I’m certain that ToL and the JB show (and later RoL) will not be an either/or; you should be able to see both in one night.

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RoL will definitely have FPPs and dining packages. The “Asia” side of the arena has FPP scanners, and it is believed that that area will be FPP only. The “Dinoland” side does not show evidence of FPP scanners, so it is believed that this side will be for dining packages and (limited) standby seating. It would be “logical” that they would do the same for the Jungle Book show, but as it’s “temporary”, and is being put together on short notice, they may or may not elect to have these viewing options (e.g. just leave the whole thing stand by).

If you’re interested in numbers, the full capacity of the RoL arena will be 5,000 people, split more-or-less evenly between the two sides. The F! arena seats 7,500. The plans are to have 2 or 3 showings of RoL per night. If you do the math, 3 RoL shows will have the same capacity of 2 F! shows, and 2 RoL shows will have a greater capacity than 1 F! show.

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You are bumming me out. :disappointed: I just completed my AK TP this AM and it is all based I on being able to see RoL around 9:00 PM. If not for RoL and ToL, we’d rather visit AK in the AM.

Maybe do two alternate touring plans. Morning & night. See if there are any FPs that would work with both, e.g. Kilomanjaro @ 2pm. I am trying to Epcot plan for late June and a lot of uncertainty there as well. (And don’t ask me how many plans I have for Holly to deal with uncertainty in Jedi signup.) My kids are little, so I’m not worrying about possible new nighttime new stuff at AK maybe or maybe not open by then, just going to tack it on if early enough and if not, ditch it and see future trip when they’re older, but sounds like that’s not option for you!

There will still be a lot going on at AK. The ToL Awakens will still be shown, the KS PM safaris will be running (FPPs for this have been available for several days), there is supposed to be additional entertainment both in Harambe and Asia, all of the other rides will be running, and there WILL be a PM show using some of the elements of RoL themed on the Jungle Book. Personally, I wouldn’t miss the chance to see all of the PM stuff in AK if I was going to be there…

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We currently have an ADR for Tusker House on 6/28/16 which I am going to see if I can convert to the dining package asa it’s available. Looks like dining package has you entering from Dinoland side. Do you have an opinion on which side of the arena will have a better view? Not sure if I should try to do FPP or dining package.

I haven’t been there in person, but I have looked at a lot of pictures and videos of the arena, and it looks to be pretty much the same from either side. Within each side, as with any show, the closer you are to show center, the better the view will be - but I don’t think there will be a “bad” seat in the house.

I could only see across the water but I agree.

We are now 22 days from our trip. Plan to be in AK on Tues. 6/28. Any chance that the Jungle Book show will be replaced by RoL by that time? We have an existing FP for Jungle Book.

Unlikely. Rumors I have heard are now aiming RoL for Labor Day opening.

So has anyone confirmed the best spot for viewing TOL Awakenings montage? I saw someone say maybe Dinoland, but just curious if there is now a unanimous agreed location for best viewing?


Watching…I am also curious how this works. I haven’t figured out how to fit both RoL and ToL into my touring plan.

I have always just watched the Tree of Life from the front of the tree. If you stop and wait at a time it is not happening, by the time you finish watching it you will be shocked to look around and see the crowd around you. Watching it is magical! There was a photopass photographer there right in front the last time I was there. I have not been there since they started playing it at all sides and I would expect that the show does not happen during RoL since if I remember correctly part of the tree is used during RoL- at least in the beginning?