Rivers of light... FP?

Is RoL worth a FP. Arriving late on day one and filling out FPs. Would anyone do RoL over Everest since it looks like the lines at everest are never that bad?

Well I would never do EE, but the standby line for ROL has so far been very long (over an hour) and with no guarantee of everyone getting in the theatre. FPP you get in and you decide how early for the “good seat”. View from the bottom is spectacular (as long as it is not windy). View from the top is almost a good.

I appreciate it is an open question, but, with a FPP how early :slight_smile: Is there a way to monitor the line size?


I am not a good person for that information as we were needing one of the very few WC spots. FPP line is in Asia, so you can see it. It opened about 7:45 for a 9:15 show, I would guess 8:30 for good seat, 7:45 for an excellent seat. And at the end of the FPP window, they allowed extra standby into the FPP area.

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Where are/ how close are the ecv viewing areas. You say there aren’t many?

The top row is for EVC guests, not sure if you can fit in the WC spaces in the first row. There might be 4 in the front and maybe 12 (in the whole theatre) on top for WC parties. The top row is accessible with no steps, if you can transfer. /www.disboards.com/threads/rivers-of-light-wheelchair-ecv-access.3586810/page-2