Rivers of Light Dinner Package - Tifins

I have an ADR for the ROL dinner package at Tiffins next week. It says on the MDE website that I have a choice of 1 appetizer, 1 entrée and one dessert. My question is, for those that may have done this already, are the choices limited to a “dinner package menu or a couple choices”, or do we choose from the entire menu?
Starting to think about all the yummy things there I want to try! What’s everyone’s favourites?

When we were there in February we could choose from the entire menu.

I liked the curry soup lobster popcorn thing :slight_smile:


I did the package when it was for the Jungle Book and again for Rivers of Light. Tiffins is amazing! You really cannot go wrong picking any items and often the dining package can save you money. Enjoy!


Their menu is divine! Everything I had was excellent. We used our DDP for the package, and could choose from the entire menu. That was one of our favorite meals on our trip.


Can’t wait for our Tiffin/ROL reservation. It’s our last night and I’ve heard the food is wonderful. Keep the food suggestions coming. Going to be so hard to choose!

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I have had the fish over forbidden rice and the wavy beef. My son’s girlfriend had duck you could cut with a fork. I wish I had tried the lamb. We have had the fitters, soup and octopus for appetizers and they were all great.


Well, for our appetizers we had the Selection of Artisanal Cheeses; my husband had a modified version of that; and my daughter had the Marinated Grilled Octopus. Absolutely delicious. DD ate the entire thing of octopus. She said it freaked her out to look at it, but she said it tasted wonderful. (She’s my very picky eater).

For our entrees, I had the Pan-seared Duck Breast; DH had a modified version of the Grilled Swordfish; and I think DD had the Seared Hokkaido Scallops. That was the first time DH had even eaten swordfish, and he loved it. The duck was the best I’ve ever had. You could cut it with a fork.

For dessert I had the Calamansi Mousse. Absolutely divine. DH had some berries (he couldn’t eat the desserts offered). DD doesn’t really do desserts.

All in all, there was nothing on our plates we didn’t like.


I’m loving hearing about everyone’s experiences! I’m more excited now!