Rivers of Light Dining Package?

Does anyone know what time 1st showing of ROL will be? WE are doing the dining package with reserved seating in Aug when the park is listed as being open until 9:30pm. Thank you

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Looking at the calendar https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/animal-kingdom/rivers-of-light/ it looks like it is scheduled at 9:15 most nights. If they extend the hours they may add a 2nd show.

Thanks. My reservations reads “1st show ROL” so It made me think there will be 2. Who knows? It’s always a waiting game with Disney hours. Lol

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All their meal packages for evening shows, in the various parks, say “1st show.” Whether they have only one, or change and add a second, the wording is valid.


If you need the time, in MDE you can go to your itinerary on that day and at Rivers of Light. It shows the times for the day and you can select one. That should show you if there is both a first and second show that night, and you’ll be able to see the time of the show you are scheduled for.