Rivers of Light Dec Dining Package

I just looked and saw the dates are finally not grayed out. But they have it “blue” for every day in Dec, and it isn’t on the TA calendar for every day. So not sure? I tried to make a reservation but it said to call. Anyone have better luck?

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I should add it only is blue for Tiffins, not Tusker House yet.

Following. I have a reservation at Tusker House the first week of Dec and would like to convert to ROL package if able.

Both Tiffins and Tusker Hiuse are showing “blue” for Nov and Dec, but aren’t book able yet. They probably will be tomorrow.

Following, We are interested in what is going to happen

It is bookable now!

Thank you. Booked ROL for Tiffin’s November 30

I’ve been trying for Tusker House all morning and nothing is available yet :frowning: I tried calling, but they have a message saying that if you are arriving after 9/13, to hang up and use the website due to the hurricane and the high call volume.

I called as well, nothing for Tusker House yet :confused:

@PrincipalTinker I was able to get a package for lunch at Tiffins for the first showing. Should I keep the dinner ressie I have or do you think lunch should be okay. I looked at TP menus and it looks like it is the same menu at lunch and dinner.

When are you trying for? I managed to book Christmas Day at Tusker House @ 1pm this morning when I checked (cancelled again because I won’t be there, just wanted to see if it was bookable). That was at around noon GMT, so 5am EST.

I called and got Tusker for 7 Dec. But they said I got the last one for that day!

Dang, I was on at 6 AM EST this morning and there was nothing for Tusker House on Dec 4th. I called at 7 AM and they said nothing was available. I find it hard to believe they went that quick unless they were opened between the time that I checked last night and this morning.:confused:

It is the same menu and it is amazing!

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Okay!!! Thanks, then I think I will keep the ROL with lunch. It is for the early showing. Maybe the only showing that day. I feel better now. I knew I could count on you.

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We had Yak & Yeti for lunch and Tiffins for dinner on 12/22 and today was able to get a ROL with a lunch at Tiffins and dinner at Y&Y. Looking forward to seeing this in person.

I also just booked a lunch ROL reservation at Tiffins for Dec. (Dec. 25, no less!). What confuses me is that it’s marked “First Show” but the Disney calendar only has a single time for RoL at 7:15 pm for December. Is it possible a later show will be added?

It’s standard wording, so they can use it at any time. I think it’s unlikely they will add another show but you never know.

When I booked my Labor Day Tiffins there was only one show, and actually RoL was not scheduled every night. They then added a second show and shows every night.

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Has anyone been able to get Tiffins for dinner? When I try to search there is no option past 3:30