Rivera vs yacht club

We are planning couple only trip March 2021 . We are debating between new Rivera resort and yacht club. Any suggestions?

I haven’t stayed at the Riviera, but we do love the YC. What are the ages in your party? It’s quiet there, which we really appreciated with older kids/young adults. The pool is excellent, of course, and the proximity to two parks can’t be beat. We would have stayed there last May but wanted a bigger room which we could find across the lake at the BWI.

Also, they allow pets, if that makes a difference.

Would the Riviera room be a studio? What is the difference in cost? I know Riviera is beautiful but I would pick YC.

If the pool isn’t a deal breaker for you, I would pick Riveria. With the skyliner, getting to two parks is just as easy as walking from Yacht. I also think the quick serve at Riveria is better and the rooms are spacious and beautiful.

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