River of Lights start date?

anyone know when this will finally be showing?

Nobody knows if it will show EVER

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Not before October at earliest. Rumours of next year instead.

It WILL show, but not even the "insiders’ seem to have any good intel as to when. Certainly not before the Fall. I’m anticipating a very short advance notice of the opening; after the fiasco of the “opening-that-wasn’t”, I’m pretty sure that will want to have this “in the bag” before they say anything.


Two podcasters, just today, said probably not September but definitely this year

Do they have any insider info or were they guessing? Which PodCasts? Thanks!

Yeah, it was Len Testa on WDW Today and Lou Mongello on WDW Radio

They also said there would probably be little notice because of the mess up in April

Intersting. It’s actually possible to add ROL to a personalized touring plan now. Although it just generates a ‘no show’ error now. Still, interesting that it’s there…