River of Lights for October

Our 180 day mark is next week and I was wanting to see River of Lights on Saturday, 10/14 and get a dining package for the special seating for lunch at Tuskers. Disney is showing AK closing at 7pm in the first part of October, Touring Plans predicts it will close at 7pm on the 14th. Isn’t it still daylight at 7pm in October? Can I make 2 dinner reservations to accommodate this evening until it is set in stone?

I’m in the same “boat” as you. We’re going in October too, and our 180-mark is tomorrow. :scream:

If memory serves, it seems like the dining packages don’t typically open up right at the 180-day mark. WDW most likely waits to see if they will be scheduling the event before making the dining packages available.

Sunset is at 6:54 on October 14. So if they do decide to have RoL, they’ll probably update the park hours later.

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Just when I feel like I have the perfect game plan for make all my dining reservations I am changing something. While I love planning, it stresses me out at the same time. Guess it will help pass the time until October gets here. Good Luck @RobertSch6!!!

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Most likely those hours will be extended.

So is making regular dinner reservations in the meanwhile the right thing to do? Is it easy enough to convert a regular ADR to a package later (when they become available)?

You will not be able to convert a regular ADR to a package. I do not know if they will limit the amount of ADRs for the package once they are released based on what is already booked?

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Just to let you know, I booked my ADRs this morning, and the RoL Dining Packages were still not available for any of our dates in October, so they’ll most likely be opening them up later.

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Probably much later. They just opened up July 2 days ago.

How do the ROL dining packages work, if you already have a TH reservation? Once the dates open up, is it something I can add on to my existing reservation time, or do I have to pick a new time?

I got mine for Sept last week - Days were Tues/Thus/Sat/Sunday
I had to cancel my regular reservation and rebook - I saw a note on Lines (by sheer luck!) that they were opened and grabbed an earlier reservation for dinner but when I looked again a few min later the same time as my old reservation popped up so I re-booked for that. Random times have come and gone since then so I would grab what you can and keep trying to get something better.

One thing I’m worried about - they let me book TH for 5:30 but the disclaimer says that all meals must be completed 2.5 hours before the show, which would be kinda impossible with those times (my reservation said “1st Show”) so I’m keeping fingers crossed there are no issues.

Thanks for the heads-up. If the days of the week for RoL stay the same in October, I’ll need to rearrange my schedule a bit.

Are those the days the ROL dining package are offered, or the only days ROL is done?

My plan is so set, that I’d rather not change the days around for ROL package, and try to just get my hands on a fastpass for it instead.

I don’t think they’ve announced if it was every night or not yet - I moved my days just in case it was only those nights, and we were going to go to TH anyway do the dining package made sense

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Do the ROL packages use 2 dining points?

Only at Tiffins. TH is one credit.

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