River Belle Terrace view of fireworks?

Planning my birthday trip to DLR this summer and thinking of doing the River Belle Terrace upgraded fantasmic package, since I am not able to sit on the ground due to bum knees. I was curious if anyone has done it. If so, how was it? Did you stay for fireworks? And if so, did you have a decent view? Thank you in advance.

We did this once when it first debuted and I wanna say that we had no view of any of the bursts because I don’t remember watching any. But I’m sure they had them & I’m positive that they played the music & projected images on the same F! water screens. I know we’ve watched other times from the Stage Door Cafe side of the tables & have had great views of the water screens, but definitely obstructed view of the bursts. The place that I’ve had the best views of the bursts around ROA was from the standby section but the center area is also a good option.

You could potentially make the risky move of attempting to get closer to front & center of ROA after the show is over but that is a very chaotic time & you may be directed away from where you are wanting to go.

As for the rest of the experience, we felt totally spoiled, waited on hand & foot & the food was all great. My husband’s ribs were excellent. My brisket sandwich was decent. The best part of the food though was definitely the Maleficent dessert. We booked as soon as they announced F! dining packages were back (so as soon as the window opened) and when we checked in we were given the best table on the patio closest to center & the railing. They very strict about saying that there was no lining up early to request a rail table & no ability to request it upon check-in as seating assignments had already been made based upon party size, so my theory is they assigned tables based on how soon you booked the package.

The view for F! wasn’t my favorite but it was better than I expected it to be and we could see & enjoy everything (I do feel like the effects of the pirate ship & dragon are improved by being as close to the water as possible, but this view allowed us a seat at a table away from the crowds so that was definitely a good trade-off). I also wasn’t bothered by the crowds passing by because A) the show was so loud and B) where we were seated was elevated from the crowds so they were more out of sight.

For something like a birthday trip, I would definitely splurge for this package!

Great info @lolabear_la (as always)! I am sold! Not so worried about the perfect view, as my family isn’t as keen as I am to see it. I will be sure to reserve as soon as it opens up! I think this will be a good compromise for all of us. I enjoyed the little bit I got to see from the train last time, so this will be gravy!

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We totally did it too so I could see the show right after it came back without the hassle of getting a FP right away & being in the crazy crowded masses that F! always generates.