River Belle Terrace Fantasmic! Premium Dining Package

I have one open spot on my reservation for this Saturday, 5/28, at 7:15pm for the River Belle Terrace Fantasmic! Premium viewing package (seated, from the patio; $75/adult). I’m solo and my reservation is for 2 (a friend had hoped to join me but sadly cannot). I’d love to share this great opportunity with a fellow TP parkgoer! If you’re interested, DM me. Either way, I’ll report back here with my experience.


Update! I’ve found a taker via Lines! But I’ll reply here after Saturday night to share how it all went (check-in process, food, view, etc.)


I can’t believe it’s already come and gone, but I was able to do the River Belle Premium viewing package for the return of Fantasmic! on Saturday night. A fellow TP user joined me, which was a wonderful bonus!

Here’s how it went down:

We arrived at the restaurant early, around 6:30pm for the 7:15pm reservation. It was great we did, as crowds were already gathering and River Belle was busy with guests vying for walk-ups and upgrades. However, check-in for this dining event is actually around the back by the patio gate across from the treehouse. There should be a sign and podium and I recommend arriving by at least 6:45pm to check on any queue already forming. Checking in will involve getting a wristband that will allow you to come and go from the patio between dinner and showtime.

We were lucky to be the first ones seated, and we got the perfect spot at a table along the front railing, directly across from the stage on Tom Sawyer island. Service was slow and spotty due to first night logistics, but our servers were very friendly and accommodating, and all the guests were just grateful to be there. Our order was taken relatively quickly, but our meal didn’t arrive for some time. I ordered the steak and scallops, but the dish arrived with no scallops, and the steak was a bit more undercooked than I’d prefer. But it was fine and I made no complaints. Dessert didn’t arrive until just before showtime, but was great. I have no idea what the menu description is, but it’s one of those chocolate spheres with a sorbet and cake inside. It was fruity, and came on a bed of fruity pebbles with a warm sauce that you’re supposed to pour over the sphere to open (melt) it. The effect didn’t work, as the spheres broke open during serving and the fruity sauce wasn’t warm enough. Again, we didn’t complain as I wasn’t instagramming anything, LOL.

Showtime started promptly and the view was excellent. The only thing you need to be aware of with this dining event is that there is a busy walkway with CMs holding lighted batons directing guest traffic between the patio and the standard viewing area/show. It can be distracting, so set your expectations accordingly. Also, the lights on the patio (as well as along the river) are dimmed during the show.

I’m glad I had this option for the first night, as it was a frenzied crowd trying to see the show on it’s return night and it was so great not to have to stress. I would guess kinks with timing and the pace of the meal will be worked out, if they haven’t been already. And, of course, being at a table with a proper chair is well worth the price for tired legs or those who can’t sit on the ground (as the reserved viewing areas are ground seating only). Full disclosure, I did the Hungry Bear on the Go package for the second show the following night. It’s a better view, in my opinion, as I was only a row back from the railing along the river, just barely right of center. But it’s not easy sitting on the ground (and I even packed an inflatable seat cushion!).

In summary: I have no regrets and would probably do this again in the right situation.